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World’s Largest Diamond Corporation Purchases Rights to Uranus

LONDON — The world’s largest diamond company The De Beers Group of Companies sells over a third of the global rough diamond production. However, De Beers recently set its sights on Uranus. For $1.2 billion, the diamond juggernaut purchased exclusive rights to the planet through 2065.

CEO of Anglo American plc, De Beers’ parent company, Mark Cutifani said, “We want to dominate Uranus. The pressurized atmosphere combined with natural gases such as methane and hydrogen create the perfect conditions for diamonds.”

Scientists have long speculated that diamonds literally rain down from the sky on Uranus, but De Beers intends on capitalizing on this previously untapped trove of gems.

Many industry experts believe De Beers will follow this move by investing in space travel, positioning itself to be the first galactic diamond monopoly.

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