Woman Demands to ‘Speak to Manager’ of Area 51

LINCOLN COUNTY, NEVADA — After a much publicized raid on Area 51, one participant, Becky Davis, told The Millennial Snowflake that she was not pleased with the alien that she rescued. She went on to explain that she would like to speak to the manager about receiving a full refund.

“Area 51 officials told me that his name was ‘Usaupozh’ from a galaxy called ‘Gaakuud.’ It turned out that it was just a man named Carlos Gutierrez in an alien costume. I tried to Google a customer service number, but I couldn’t find one. If I can’t get my money back soon, I’m going to write Area 51 the worst Yelp review that they have ever seen! I wanted an extraterrestrial. They gave me the wrong kind of alien.”

Many other such complaints have been circulating throughout social media, with the hashtags #Area51Scam and #BoycottArea51 trending on Twitter.

“When I said I wanted to ‘see them aliens,’ this really wasn’t what I had in mind. Just another government detention facility. Yawn,” one user complained, using the hashtag #Area51Scam.

An Area 51 spokesperson has yet to respond to our request for comment.

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