Ultimate Hypocrite? PETA Founder Ingrid Newkirk Busted in Dog-fighting Ring

Ingrid Newkirk poses nude with small dog.

RICHMOND, VA — The FBI raided the home of PETA founder Ingrid Newkirk early Thursday morning. What investigators found left even the most grizzled veterans of the task force shocked and appalled.

Newkirk was apparently using PETA as a front to her more nefarious business interests. On her 60-acre property, authorities uncovered a dog fighting ring, kennels, and a plethora of other evidence to prove Newkirk was breeding dogs to fight.

Investigators are likening the scope of her animal cruelty to the infamous quarterback Michael Vick. All the while, since the evidence has come out against Newkirk, PETA has been shaken as an organization from top-to-bottom. As the most well-known, albeit controversial authority on animal cruelty, its legitimacy is being called into question.

When the FBI arrived on the property, Newkirk reportedly sat calmly smoking a cigarette and watching as two pit bulls were being trained to fight in a shed behind her home. According to the FBI, her guilt is not the question. The only thing to be determined is how long the prosecution will aim to put Newkirk behind bars for her heinous crimes.

Ingrid Newkirk has rapidly overtaken Joel Osteen as the number one hypocrite and public enemy of the people throughout social media almost immediately after the details of her arrest came out.

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