Uber Driver Has Book In His Head, Doesn’t Know How to Write It, but You Could and He’ll Share The Profits With You!

Uber Driver has a love story for the ages, and offers to let you write the book and he'll share the profits.

ATLANTA, GA — After hearing his passenger was an author and experiencing a brief moment of hesitation, Uber driver Tom White told his rider that he had a love story for the ages — but he’d only tell it if the author would promise not to steal it. The author agreed. “The book is all in my head. I just don’t know how to write it, but you could and I’ll share the profits with you,” White offered generously. “We met in Kiev, Ukraine. I was there with the church to teach. I was married at the time, but I met this woman. She was married too. We were purely platonic, nothing happened, but there were sparks. Man, she loved my southern drawl and we couldn’t take our eyes off each other. We went out to lunch. Never had sex because I was a Christian married man, but she was a smokeshow. Even after I went back to the U.S. we stayed in touch for many years. My wife and I eventually divorced. I went back again to work with the church over there, and nothing happened between us physically because she was still with her husband, but you could feel those sparks still. All those years later. I think that could be a movie.” The passenger, who also happened to a book publisher and founder of Lucid House Publishing, told White that some stories are so personal that they’re meant to be written by the person who experienced it, and that as much as he was honored to be privy to his tale, White should absolutely be the one to write the story. “You think it’ll sell?” asked White. “Some things are a labor of love,” replied the passenger as he exited the vehicle into the night.  

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