Two Men Brawl Over Pronunciation of “Pecan” at Toby Keith Concert

MACON, GA — Between songs “Proud to Be an American” and “Wacky Tobaccy,” a brawl broke at a Toby Keith concert.

According to bystanders, tensions between the two men had been ratcheting up throughout the show. One of the men pulled out pecan pie to enjoy with his Miller Lite, when another overheard him say, “Ain’t nothing like puh-cahn pie and a cold one.” The other man corrected him, saying, “It’s pee-can, ya damn yankee.”

Both men then told their respective significant others to “hold my beer” as they charged at each other and began swinging their fists wildly. They shouted out the names of a number of pro wrestlers as they subdued one another momentarily in a variety of chokeholds.

The police arrested the brawlers on charges of assault and public intoxication.

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