Trump Tweets #MeToo In Response To McDonald’s Asking Who Wants Lifetime Supply of Big Macs

Trump joins in on #MeToo movement.

It can be argued that no one gets more attention or creates more controversy on Twitter than Donald Trump. Whether he’s threatening nuclear war with ‘Little Rocket Man,’ lamenting ‘fake news,’ or talking about banning transgender troops, the POTUS is always a few hundred characters away from setting the Twitterverse aflame.

Trump would be hard-pressed to find new ways to outdo himself when it comes to stirring up internet drama, but he seems to have done just that once again.

At 3 in the morning, the founder of now defunct Trump University responded to a McDonald’s sweepstakes tweet in which the fast food chain asked ‘Who wants a lifetime supply of Big Macs?’

Hundreds of users commented ‘me’ on the post to be entered in the contest. Trump commented #MeToo — the rallying cry for the victims of sexual assault — in response to the sweepstakes.

This caused many to speculate that the president was claiming he too had been sexually assaulted, a notion his camp quickly shot down, saying that he was simply ‘repurposing’ the hashtag to give it a ‘more positive meaning.’

The response to his blunder was swift, with many feeling he was trivializing the movement in lieu of the litany of sexual assault allegations stacked against him.

As of now, Trump has yet to delete his response or issue an apology. His team reports that he’s concerned removing his tweet would make him ineligible for the lifetime supply of Big Macs.


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