Trump Takes Working Vacation In Vegas

Donald Trump enjoys a Las Vegas working vacation at Trump International Hotel Las Vegas.

LAS VEGAS — Donald Trump just finished a 17-day “working vacation” at his exclusive New Jersey golf course. While he received ample criticism, his team insisted that there was immense progress being made over the course of two weeks, including meetings with Cabinet officials, lawmakers, and senior aides on issues like tax reform and healthcare.

However, adding fuel to the fire, Trump announced he was following that up with yet another working vacation, this time at Trump International Hotel Las Vegas.

“I’m very, very busy doing great things! The fake news and mainstream media are losers. LOSERS!” tweeted President Trump.

Trump spent most of his time in his 61st floor penthouse holding meetings and hanging out with Russian prostitutes. But the President has made sure to schedule some time for a little rest and relaxation, as well, greeting guests and frequenting the poker tables.

He has received criticism from both sides for his Vegas vacation, but his people have been quick to respond with slightly different versions of the same story — he is an extremely hardworking man, but needs to have space to do it.

“What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. This is a place of secrecy and business and shakers! A very, very good place. With good people. Making things HAPPEN! And if you hear I like being peed on, that’s just more #FakeNews,” Trump tweeted.


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