Trump Sues Burger King For Using His Image In Revamped Tiny Hands, Big Burger Ad Campaign

Trump holds up a big whopper, with his tiny hands, while wearing a Burger King crown.

MIAMI — Advertising executives at Burger King headquarters have found themselves stuck in between the proverbial rock and a hard place.

The fast food corporation received a letter from Donald Trump’s legal team this past Friday, threatening to sue on grounds of defamation. Burger King used a doctored image of Trump holding a Whopper with disproportionately small hands.

The image is reminiscent of their “Tiny Hands, Big Burger” campaign, which saw a surge in their sales. The revamped campaign is already seeing similar results with a 20% increase in revenue since the ad first ran.

Fast food, as an industry, has been on the decline as the general public has become more health conscious. Most corporations would envy the success of the advertisements. However, the threat of a lawsuit has given the fast food juggernaut reason to pause.

Burger King has yet to issue an apology or statement and has continued running the ads.

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