Trump Saddened Hurricane Harvey Delays Construction of Houston Trump Hotel

Trump waves at people.

HOUSTON — Donald Trump and First Lady Melania visited Houston to witness firsthand the devastation Hurricane Harvey inflicted on the fourth most populated city in the United States.

Officials close to the President noted that he appeared visibly disturbed about the disaster, which had befallen Houston. However, his reasons for seeming to be so personally affected were later to be found out to be nothing remotely resembling empathy.

Trump had intended to begin building a new Trump Hotel in Houston in 2018, but the flooding will push the construction date back for the foreseeable future.

“What’s happened in Houston is very sad. A lot of good people there. Many nice things in Houston. Great steak, too,” said Trump. “A lot of business there. I think the saddest thing about Harvey is the fact that the city will have to wait probably at least one more year before they get a Trump Hotel.”

While his concern about his personal ventures has upset many, his Houston Trump Hotel comments immediately provided fodder to those who say the President lacks decency and compassion. He later tweeted that he meant it was sad that Trump Hotel was not already built in Houston because he would have opened the doors, and allowed evacuees to take refuge in his property.


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