Trump Reinstates Farming Draft for Whites to Fill Void Left Behind by Migrant Workers

Migrant worker carries strawberries over her shoulder through field.

SANTA BARBARA, CA — California crops continue to rot as the immigration crackdown creates farmworker shortage. Farmers are having difficulty finding enough workers to employ during harvest season, causing many crops to rot before they are even picked.

The losses have been staggering, numbering millions of dollars throughout at least two California counties. Many of California’s farm workers immigrated from Mexico, however, tighter immigration policy has caused more Mexicans to leave the United States than to come here.

To entice workers, farmers are offering paid time off, salaries higher than the state minimum wage, and 401(k) plans — and yet, it simply is not cutting it. Despite added benefits and better conditions, white-Americans have proven reluctant to fill the void left behind by migrant workers, so the federal government has decided to intervene once again.

On Wednesday, Donald Trump publicly announced that he will reinstate the draft, which will require whites to enlist themselves at farms throughout the nation in order to cut back devastating crop losses.

“I told you people, I’d create huge, huge job opportunities,” Trump said. “First, I promised you coal, now I’m bringing you back the farm jobs your grandparents once had. There’s no shortage of jobs, and now, they’re yours for the taking.”

“I voted for Trump,” said Debra Towning, “this is not what I had in mind when he said he was gonna make America great again. I don’t want to work on a farm picking grapes or whatever the hell those immigrants were doing.”

Many Americans are reportedly planning to dodge the farming draft by fleeing to Mexico. However, the Mexican President Enrique Nieto Tweeted that immigrants are not welcomed there.

“The wall is not for them. It’s for us to keep them out of here. That’s the best idea that man ever had,” said Nieto as he began chanting, “Build that wall! Build that wall!”


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