Trump Names Joel Osteen White House Spiritual Advisor

Joel Osteen serves Donald Trump as White House Spiritual Advisor.

WASHINGTON DC — Donald Trump has welcomed the controversial Houston-based televangelist Joel Osteen, most recently criticized for shutting out hurricane evacuees from taking refuge in his megachurch, to become his de facto spiritual advisor.

Televangelist Paula White was the public face of Trump’s spiritual counsel, a group that is comprised almost entirely of high-profile prosperity gospel preachers. Now, according to sources close to the President, Joel Osteen will pray regularly with Trump and be his go-to advisor on all religious and spiritual matters.

In his first order of business as Trump’s spiritual advisor, Osteen convinced the President to walk back on his promise to donate 1 million dollars to Hurricane Harvey victims, telling the POTUS that he should instead donate that money to Osteen’s ministry, a suggestion Trump agreed to.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders defended Trump’s decision to invite Osteen to lead his roster of spiritual advisors by claiming that the media was simply looking to create villains out of two “men of God.”

Both men receive enormous support among evangelicals and are among the socio-economic 1 percent. Their entire brands are built upon success, which they have in turn leveraged into more success by gaining fandom through prosperity gospel subscribers, who see their wealth as a direct result of Trump’s and Osteen’s spiritual favor.

Osteen will remain primarily based out of Houston, but is expected to charter his private jet to Washington D.C. bi-weekly to meet with the President.


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