Trump Jokes that ‘Mexican’ Hurricane Jose is the ‘Worst Type of Hurricane’

Donald Trump gives two thumbs up.

WASHINGTON DC — Donald Trump couldn’t help himself Monday afternoon as he made a not-so-subtle jab at Mexicans once again. The President of the United States told reporters that “Mexican Hurricane Jose is the worst type of hurricane” — a comment that left a poor taste in the mouths of many following his Charlottesville blunders and his seemingly never-ending assault on the rights of immigrants and minorities.

“Too bad I can’t build a wall to keep that one out,” Trump laughed. “Well, I could, but the liberal media would crucify me for that, too. I can’t do anything right with those guys.”

Trump’s thinly veiled racism has put him in hot water yet again. But by that same evening his team and his interim White House Communications Director Hope Hicks were already spin-doctoring his words.

“What he meant when he said Mexican is that he simply misspoke, momentarily confusing the Gulf of Mexico with the Caribbean Sea where it’s currently traveling around. Of course, the liberal media wants to turn it into something that fits their narrative. And when the President said that it’s the worst type of hurricane, he was speaking of its intensity. No more, no less,” said Hicks, who holds a bachelor’s degree and lived above a dive bar prior to becoming communications director.

While many are not satisfied with the Administration’s explanation, the 28-year old Hope Hicks is really, really hot, so that’s cool.


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