Trump: The blacks have BET, why don’t we have White Entertainment Television?

Trump wants caucasians to have White Entertainment Television.

Wildfires ravage Northern California, leaving thousands of structures in ashes and almost forty dead. Puerto Rico remains without power and basic utilities. Tensions with North Korea escalate, bringing us another step closer to nuclear war. Meanwhile, Donald Trump transitioned from focusing on football players kneeling to picking a new, perhaps even less consequential fight. The antagonist-in-chief was speaking at an anti-LGBT rally earlier in the week when he questioned why “the blacks have BET,” but “we” — presuming he meant caucasians — don’t have White Entertainment Television (WET).

“I’ve already talked to Steve Bannon about it. He’s fighting the good fight. Tremendous Hollywood experience. He loves the idea. I also happen to have been the guy on a very, very big t.v. show called The Apprentice. Have any of you heard of it?” Trump asked sarcastically. “WET could have F.R.I.E.N.D.S. reruns, Sex and the City, All in the Family, Driving Miss Daisy, and on Sundays we could have real Christians men of God like Joel Osteen to tell the honest to goodness truth.”

Trump railed against the “double-standards” of race in America before segueing into claiming that if Eminem were black he’d be just another rapper.

The twit-in-chief is reportedly pushing for Congress to approve his request for White History Month in order to “return balance to the country.”

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