Trump Approval Rating Soars to 98% Among Neo-Nazis, 87% Among WWE Fans

WASHINGTON DC — Just six months into his young presidency Trump may reach the lowest of the lows of modern presidents. His 36% approval rating is the worst since the Gallup polls began recording public approval. However, there is a silver lining for Trump supporters.

The Gallup polls also learned that Trump’s ratings soared from 92 to 98 percent among Neo-Nazis. Many skinheads are saying they feel hopeful about the direction the U.S. is heading under the current administration.

“I really do think he’s gonna make America great again,” said Derek Vinyard, leader of the White American Freedom Club. “He’s gonna give the jobs back to who they belong to.”

Perhaps most interestingly, Trump scored extremely well with WWE fans. Some political scientists speculate that wrestling fans love Trump’s inauthenticity just as they are happy to escape to the spectacle of an obviously fake sport.

At press time Trump tweeted his approval rating among Neo-Nazis, which he deleted shortly after.

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