Trump Announces Legendary Hacker Jayden K. Smith Will Head the U.S.-Russia Cybersecurity Unit

WASHINGTON DC — Despite a maelstrom of criticism comparing the idea to letting the fox watch the chicken coop, Donald Trump has moved forward with his proposal to form the first joint U.S.-Russia Cybersecurity Unit.

The unit was created right as talks of the totally-not-guilty Trump Administration’s collusion with Russia have intensified. Of course, Donald Trump Jr.’s confidential emails in which Russian lawyers state that Moscow did in fact aid his father in the election, have put the administration in hot water. But again, there is absolutely no evidence of any collusion.

The one development many Americans are taking solace in, was Trump’s recent announcement that legendary hacker Jayden K. Smith will head the U.S.-Russia Cybersecurity Unit.

Smith’s name first came into the public eye when diligent Facebookers shared a warning message letting other users know not to accept friend requests from him because he would automatically gain access to their passwords and other vital information. This message went viral overnight, ruining the hacker’s elaborate scheme.

However, the infamous Jayden K. Smith gained his notoriety by hacking into confidential government files protecting secrets such as what really happened on 9/11, what extraterrestrial evidence is being housed at Area 51, and who shot JFK.

The government is now calling upon the one man who has infiltrated its most protected and secretive layers. With Smith’s ingenuity, the cybersecurity unit hopes to protect the administration from itself by keeping classified information out of its hands.


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