Trump Aides Panic as ‘Niger’ Repeatedly Appears on Teleprompter

WASHINGTON D.C. – On Tuesday, President Trump gave an update on the investigation into a deadly attack in Niger last fall, during which four U.S. soldiers died.

According to an anonymous source within the White House, a palpable sense of fear and dread prevailed, as White House staff and Trump’s senior aides tuned in to the press conference.

“We can assure you that we were not concerned because President Trump harbors any prejudices. He just sometimes has issues properly enunciating, and we didn’t want a misunderstanding to arise. If he were to make any mistakes, it wouldn’t be because he’s a racist; he sometimes uses alternative pronunciation,” Kellyanne Conway told The Millennial Snowflake.

In order to prevent a potential gaffe, White House staff has instituted a new policy, which will replace the word “Niger” in all future speeches with “that country that borders Algeria to the northwest.”

“This new turn of phrase is certainly more verbose than is perhaps ideal, but we absolutely do not want the world to misinterpret the President’s intentions,” Conway explained.

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