Trump To Admit Relations with Russia but Nation Has to Promise Not to Get Mad

Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin enjoy a nice horseback ride filled with loads of sexual tension.

Donald Trump will admit and explain his relations with Russia but nation has to promise not to get mad. If nation won’t comply, Trump says, he won’t explain anything. Throughout the week, he has dropped hints about what’s sure to be an explosive address — if he does indeed follow through with it.

Interestingly enough, Trump has a long history of Russian real estate investments, and Trump’s own lawyer Paul Manafort even met with Putin in 2005 to propose a consulting assignment. During Manafort’s pitch, he explained to the Russian Oligarch how the Kremlin could influence politics, news coverage, and business dealings inside the U.S. In 2013-2014 time-range, Eric Trump bragged about Russian funding going into various Trump projects. Throughout all of this Trump has shifted back and forth between saying he’s involved with Putin and the Russians and subsequently, going back on his words. In 2015, the now-POTUS also signed a letter of intent for Trump Tower Moscow, slated to be one of the largest residential real estate projects in history. In November 2016 it was found that Trump’s campaign officials had at least 18 phone calls with Russian officials. CrowdStrike, a private security firm, determined that Russian Intelligence did in fact hack the DNC. The list goes, but it seems the POTUS may finally be ready to admit his involvement with our re-emerging Soviet rivals.

“I may have committed a little light treason,” said Trump.

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