Survey: 96% of Pro-Life Activists Don’t Care about Children

ATLANTA, GEORGIA – Recently, the Millennial Snowflake Research Center (MSRC) conducted a survey, in order to deduce pro-life activists’ opinions on childrearing. The sample size included 30,000 people from across the country, who consider themselves “strongly pro-life.”

The results were very unexpected.

The MSRC’s survey included several questions related to both procreation and child care. The questionnaire also included questions on social issues.

The following is a sampling of results from the survey:

1. Do you believe that life begins at conception?

A. Yes. (99%)
B. No. (1%)

2. Do you believe in supporting welfare programs, such as SNAP (the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program)?

A. Yes. (5%)
B. No, (35%)
C. Let them eat cake, as long as my tax dollars aren’t paying for it. (60%)

3. Do you believe in supporting daycare programs, such as the Child Care and Development Fund, which provides services for low income families?

A. Yes. (2%)
B. No. (25%)
C. Talk to me when those little moochers are of military age. (73%)

37. Do “Black Lives Matter” or do “All Lives Matter?”

A. Black Lives Matter. (0.0001%)
B. All Lives Matter. (9%)
C. Zygote Lives Matter. (90.9999%)

Statisticians at the MSRC were startled by the results, which seem to indicate an almost complete indifference to human life and society, among pro-life activists.

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