Surprising! Will Smith Casts Jayden Smith as Michael Jackson in Touching Biopic “Boy in the Mirror”

Jayden Smith prepares to play Michael Jackson in the upcoming biopic "The Boy in the Mirror"

Will Smith, who will direct the picture, surprised many with his choice to cast son Jayden Smith as the King of Pop in a heavily-anticipated biopic Boy in the Mirror, scheduled for release in 2019. The feature will span Jackson’s life and career, however, the elder Smith wants to let the world know the real Michael by primarily focusing on his upbringing and early stardom, a task he believes his son is up for. “He can sing, dance, and act,” insists Smith. “Furthermore, he’s committed. Jayden has been studying method acting and will even go as far as bleaching his skin and undergoing surgical procedures when the time comes to get into the mindset of an older Michael.” Will Smith will also act in the feature, playing the part of the family patriarch and manager Joe Jackson in what’s sure to be a tour de force performance. While many critics have panned the father and son’s more recent collaborations as contrived gimmicks, marked by apparent nepotism, it looks as though they are poised to turn it around with their newest project.

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