Summer 2018 Blockbuster? Air Bud to be Rebooted with 750 Synchronized Wasps

Looks like we’ve got a remake of a classic children’s film headed our way next year. The Air Bud dynasty is being revamped, but instead of a lovable golden retriever learning how to play sports and befriending plenty of non-canines along the way, 750 wasps will be moving in terrifying synchronization and attempting to play football. The previous 14 films apparently weren’t enough, so here we are, getting 750 wasps shoved down our throat.

Director Robert Vince was quoted as saying “I’m out of ideas. They keep giving me money. Air Bud plays darts, Air Bud wins bowling, Air Bud skydives. What more could you people have possibly wanted to see? So we got 750 wasps together to play some football, but mostly they just attack the kids. It’s much more difficult to work with them, and a lot less cute. It’s a good thing these kids are too young to understand ‘waivers’ or ‘lawsuits’ because we’d surely be in some deep dog doo-doo.”

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