Struggling to Hire in Tightening Job Market, Companies Relaxing Drug Policies; Chaz Thinks This Is A Dope Idea

Chaz thinks companies relaxing drug testing policies is a dope idea -- The Millennial Snowflake.

Employers are finding it difficult to hire workers in the tightening U.S. job market. The greater legality of marijuana is causing many companies who insist on keeping strict drug policies to lose out on qualified candidates. Marijuana is legal in nine states and Washington D.C., allowing one of every five adults to drinks, eat, smoke, or vape as they please. For decades, pre-employment drug tests had been a requirement for prospects, but the tightening job market has forced many companies to relax drug policies. Chaz, for one, thinks this a dope idea.

“I couldn’t work for someone who wants to oppress my lifestyle,” says Chaz. “I have sales and entrepreneurial experience — not for a company or anything — but still, I couldn’t hold down a job because they always wanna test for drugs, man. If I get shit done, it shouldn’t matter.”

On top of helping to ease the labor market, relaxing drug testing could have wide-ranging benefits for the economy. In theory, employers could hire the best, most productive, chillest workers without discriminating against people based on their recreational preferences.

At press time, nationwide vending machine snack purchases in the workplace were up 500%, while workplace motivation reportedly plummeted.

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