Steve Buscemi Tired of Being “Just Another Pretty Face,” Ready to Prove Himself as a Serious Actor

Steve Buscemi tired of being just another pretty face.

Steve Buscemi has played the oddball character to perfection despite poor reviews and decades of being written off as “just another pretty face” by critics. But now, the comedic actor is ready to prove himself as a serious actor. For most, Buscemi’s level of success would be more than enough to find satisfaction. He’s been in dozens of Hollywood hits like Airheads, Mr. Deeds, and The Big Lebowski. Yet, he longs to show his chops in roles that aren’t just centered around his outrageous sex appeal and sharp wit.

“I’m actually working on a script about an actor, who realizes his entire life he’s been playing himself. All the roles he’s cast in throughout his career are actually, by the very nature of their duplicity, more him than the single character he always believed to be ‘himself.’ It’s not until he finally embraces his perceived self that he is able to achieve the critical success he’s dreamed of,” says Buscemi. “I haven’t had a role excite me like this since Reservoir Dogs. I’m probably casting Adam Sandler or maybe Vince Vaughn to play the angel and the devil riding my character’s shoulders as the story unfolds.”

Buscemi believes this could be the film that earns him an Oscar nod. “Being this good looking is a blessing and a curse. You sort of get pigeonholed. Same thing happened to Leo. I’m just at the height of my creative powers and I think the world will see what I’m truly capable of and that will be enough to help me overcome the prejudices critics have against that level of attractiveness.”


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