Spoiler Alert: Jar Jar Binks is The Last Jedi

Jar Jar Binks is the Last Jedi.

The infamously clumsy and much reviled Gungan from the prequel series has been the subject of speculation prior to the release of The Last Jedi. Many fans predicted that we may learn of Jar Jar Binks whereabouts since his last appearance in the films.

Well, as it turns out the little frog-like cretin was more than just comic relief — he was the last jedi. Much like watching the ending of The Usual Suspects, the most recent installment in the saga is a true revelation of Jar Jar’s insidious character.

If you happen to rewatch The Phantom Menace, you’ll see Jar Jar’s Drunken Fist fighting style in a whole new light. Even when he was destroying battle droids, everything he did appeared to be a happy accident.

But in a revealing conversation between Luke Skywalker and Rey, we learn that Jar Jar Binks was actually a gray jedi — a sort of hybrid between a practitioner of the lightside and the darkside. His mission was to bring balance to the force.

He attempted to achieve this by working with the Gungans to convince the senate to grant Palpatine emergency powers. This effectively set the stage for the sith lord to eliminate most of the jedi order, which ultimately did re-balance the force.

It’s not until the final scene that audiences see a hooded Jar Jar Binks on a starship, gazing off into the galaxy, which many believe is an indication he’ll play an even bigger role in the next installment of the saga.


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