After Spoiled Buzzer-Beater Carmelo Anthony Gets Lit at OKC Applebee’s

Carmelo Anthony gets lit at Applebee's

OKLAHOMA CITY — Right when it seemed Carmelo Anthony would celebrate his first game-winning buzzer-beater as a member of the Thunder, Andrew Wiggins darted down the court and banked in a long-three pointer as the last ticks wound to zero on the game clock.

Melo was noticeably glum in the locker room as he sat icing his knees when Russell Westbrook told him about the most lit place in all of Oklahoma City.

“Who needs the Big Apple when we’ve got Applebee’s,” exclaimed Westbrook. “It’s open till 2 in the morning. And we drink for free, Melo. That’s that Thunder VIP treatment, bro. It gets wild.”

With his relentless energy and characteristic persistence, Westbrook managed to convince Melo and Paul George to join him in the post-game ritual, much to their chagrin. However, the new Thunder superstars quickly learned that by virtue of being the only restaurant still open that late in OKC, Applebee’s is quite literally the place to be.

“Macy, I’d like you to meet Melo and PG. Give them that OKC welcome. Macy’s the manager. She’s got the hookup. Ain’t that right, Mace?” Westbrook said, grinning. “They renamed the Triple Bacon Burger, the Westbrook Triple-Double after I averaged 30-10-10 last year. But I was thinking we rename it the RussMeloPaul OKC Big Three. What would you guys think of that?”

“Yeah, that’d cool, Russ,” Melo and Paul George nodded.

Five Applebee’s Bahama Mama’s in, Westbrook had Macy turn on “Free Falling” in honor of the late Tom Petty. The new Big Three broke into karaoke, each jostling for the lead singing position, but all three willing to make it work.

“Great job, Kevin,” Westbrook said to Melo. “That was incredible. Guys, it’s going to be crazy years from now when we’re looking back, win or lose, even if we never, ever, ever, ever win a championship, we’ll play out the rest of our careers in this town.”


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