Soundcloud Rapper Suh-Bourbon’s Mom Won’t Stop Vacuuming and It’s Killing his Flow

Man holds bourbon in his hand as he gets ready to flow on a sick beat.

ATLANTA — The meteoric rise of Soundcloud rapper Suh-Bourbon has firmly entrenched his name in the conversation of the hottest up-and-comers in the Atlanta hip-hop scene. While many rappers deal with themes like poverty or, conversely, overnight success, Suh-Bourbon talks about the overlooked struggles of the middle class. From No ID, which deals with normalcy and how it reduces one’s sense of identity, to Sheltered, a song about being shielded entirely too much from life’s problems, all the way to Overachiever, which addresses being expected to be elite at school, sports, and life in general, Suh-Bourbon’s EP Suh-Bourbia makes the seemingly mundane and struggle-free life of the middle class mesmerizing. After the overwhelming praise of Suh-Bourbia, the upstart has turned his attention to creating a full-length album. However, his suburban struggle just got even realer.

Suh-Bourbon’s mom won’t stop vacuuming in the middle of his track and it’s killing his flow. He believes his mother is doing so in a passive aggressive attempt to get him to help out more around the house. Suh-Bourbon tried to explain Soundcloud and his growing popularity, even showing her comments from his cyber-groupies, but his mother remained unimpressed. At press time, however, it was reported that Suh-Bourbon is considering leaving the vacuuming in the song, saying that it adds to his “middle class cred.”

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