Slam Poet’s Performance “Social Media Is Ruining Society” Goes Viral On Facebook

Slam poet holds nerf gun up to head during a performance.

SEATTLE — Up-and-coming Instagram poet Samuel Drake Johnson saw his following grow tenfold overnight after his slam poem “Social Media is Ruining Society” went viral on Facebook.

As of this morning, the video recording of his performance had been shared thousands of times, while also receiving a massive amount of engagement, with over eight million views and hundreds of thousands of comments.

The crowd of Dead Beat Cafe, where S.D. Johnson performed, can be heard roaring in applause as he delivers lines pushing back against the establishment and the anti-compassion system he believes social media perpetuates.

His most memorable verses (see below) were subsequently shared across Facebook, Tumblr, and Instagram, earning him shoutouts on social media from Kim Kardashian to Kylie Jenner.

Yet we also complain that our taxes go to help other men be fed?
If only compassion were trending on social media instead
— S.D. Johnson

“I’m actually blown away, and honored by how many people were touched by my words,” Johnson said. “It shows me how connected we really are, ya know?”

When asked if he saw the irony of a poem about social media hurting society going viral on social media, the Instagram poet’s stance seemed to change, stating that he was younger then, now calling it “the thread of our social fabric.”

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