Self-Proclaimed Nice Guy Daniel James Laments that He Always gets “Friendzoned” but He’s Actually just Really Boring

ATLANTA — At 11:37 Saturday night, local man Daniel James bemoaned in his Facebook status that “Girls don’t actually want nice guys.” The status was just one in a series of similarly-themed posts published by James that evening. He went on to say that if girls did want nice guys they should stop “friendzoning” nice guys like him, a sentiment which many other self-proclaimed nice guys were quick to agree with in the comments section.

We interviewed Isabella Garcia, one of the women James pursued as a love interest for seven months before she explained to him that, “she didn’t want to ruin their friendship or make things complicated.”

“Daniel is sweet. He’s got a good heart, and he’s such a teddy bear,” said Garcia. “It’s just that he’s got this vacant stare and he couldn’t seem to think of anything to say other than to compliment me.”

When we asked Garcia if she had “friendzoned” James for being too nice, she informed us that was not the reason. Rather, he is “actually just really boring,” noting that, beyond entomology, he did not have any passions that she knew of.

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