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Scientists Warn New Sungazing Trend May Be Harmful

Millennial Snowflake Research Center warns that sungazing trend may be harmful.

YouTube sensation TrendS3t posted a viral video of himself “sungazing.” In the video he explains to his audience that he’s testing the “theory” that the sun will make you go blind if you stare at it long enough. He then does exactly that, gazing upwards for minutes at a time as he mocks the “conspiracy theorists,” who believe the sun will blind you.

Unfortunately for TrendS3t, those “conspiracy theorists” turned out to be right. The viral video came at a heavy price — the YouTube sensation is blinded for life. However, like his YouTube handle suggests, the video started a dangerous new trend — sungazing.

Scientists at the Millennial Snowflake research Center warn that this new trend may be extremely harmful. Despite their cautions, teens all across the nation have been going outside and recording their own videos of them staring at the sun. In fact, some of even issued a challenge to see who can do it the longest.

“This is on par with people eating tide pods,” says Millennial Snowflake researcher Curtis Judson. “Perhaps, this is natural selection at its finest.”

At press time, there had been an estimated 30,000 teens blinded by sungazing, a number that continues to surge.


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