Russian Satirist Breaks into Cold Sweat as He Pens Putin Article

MOSCOW, RUSSIA – Sergei Viktorov, former Editor in Chief of the Russian satire outlet,The Daily Borscht, recently spoke to The Millennial Snowfla.

He wanted to finally set the record straight about one of his most controversial works of satire.

“Satirizing Vladimir Putin is certainly taboo. Usually, we tried to tow the party line at The Daily Borscht. We avoided the subject altogether. If we got political at all, it was to joke about how Donald Trump’s hair looks like a dead weasel, or something. Russians love that kind of stuff, you know. We like to think of him as Putin’s bitch,” Viktorov explained, as he laughed softly.

“But I got to the point where I was bored with mocking Western leaders. I knew full well that I was just doing Putin’s work for him, by contributing to hatred of Western culture and values. I wanted a challenge, so I decided to write about Putin himself.”

The resulting article, entitled “Putin Wins Election Vote by 150%,” might seem somewhat benign or asinine by Western standards, but Russian authorities took it as a direct threat to Putin’s leadership.

“I was terrified. The whole time I wrote that piece, I was looking over my shoulder, wondering when the police would take me away. Every time the phone rang, I jumped fifty feet in the air. You see, Putin memes and jokes are illegal in Russia, no matter how stupid they are. Let’s just say that making fun of our leader makes the government very, erm, Madimir Putin,” Viktorov said, as a dead silence filled the room.

Viktorov now resides in France, where he writes for his new paper, The Escargot Enquirer.

‘It’s absolutely wonderful to be able to joke about anything you want, without any fear of consequences. I mean, nothing bad ever happens to satirists in France, right?”

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