His Romper, Your Girl: Why You Might Not Be the Only One Romping Around in Her Bedroom

Men wearing a romper shows off bulge or moose knuckle.

Men’s rompers took the internet by storm earlier this year, becoming the viral fashion sensation of 2017. Initially, the romper was seen as a possible gag gift, the type of thing exclusively worn by millennial snowflake types. However, it appears #RompHim is here to stay, and has fully earned its place among the trendiest fashion items of the summer. In fact, as it turns out, rompers for men may be more than a threat to simply last in the apparel game.

In a recent study conducted by The Millennial Snowflake Research Center (MSRC), researchers had the female subjects rate the attractiveness of two separate pictures of the same man; in the first picture the man wore a suit and tie, in the second picture he wore a men’s romper. To the surprise of the researchers, their subjects rated the man in romper higher 92% of the time.

“There’s nothing like seeing that nice bulge,” said an anonymous participant of the study. “I’m a sucker for a moose-knuckle. Do you have any idea how much confidence it takes to pull that off? At the same time, men who wear rompers are more sensitive, but also more comfortable in their masculinity.”

The women surveyed were also asked to answer questions about commitment and faithfulness in relationships. 75% stated that they would stray from their current partner for a man in a romper.

The MSRC issued a warning to the rest of the men out there, particularly those who view rompers in a joking manner, to understand that RompHim is a very real threat to their dating life.

“If you find a romper in your girlfriend’s bedroom, we urge you to smell it. If it smells of men’s cologne or deodorant, or seems a size too large, it’s probably not your girl’s romper like she claims — it’s her other man’s,” said the MSRC in an official statement.


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