Republicans Introduce Eugenics Program To Replace ObamaCare

Senator Bill Cassidy and GOP introduce ObamaCare repeal and intention to replace it with eugenics program.

WASHINGTON D.C. — On Wednesday the GOP introduced its new eugenics program bill to repeal and replace ObamaCare. As a result, Senate Republicans have provided a way for the states to repeal protections for people with pre-existing conditions.

The GOP’s latest move drew widespread criticism, especially after late-night host Jimmy Kimmel put one of the legislation’s lead authors, Senator Bill Cassidy (R-La.), in his place. Kimmel reproached Cassidy for pushing a bill that would allow millions of people to be denied healthcare because they cannot afford the premiums. While he initially claimed the bill would not harm people with serious health problems, Cassidy later came clean.

“Our new eugenics program — I mean, healthcare plan, could hurt the old, people with cancer and other major health concerns, the sickly, and the weea,” said Cassidy. “The states of course have to express to the government how they will provide adequate and affordable coverage to the deserving. As for those with pre-existing conditions — let’s just say, survival of the fittest may play a role in their lives.”

Another author of the bill, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) seconded her colleague’s explanation of the intended effects.

“By repealing ACA, we aren’t sitting here trying to leave Americans vulnerable in any way. What I will say, is that vulnerability is inevitable. No legislation can fix weakness in society,” said Graham. “However, as a nation we will be better off if the new plan effectively improves the genetic quality of our population. And if the poor and the middle class feel penalized, we should consider that it might be a character flaw that put them in that position in the first place.”

The language in the Cassidy-Graham bill specifically enables states to waive an ObamaCare rule that stops people with pre-existing conditions from being charged higher premiums due to their illness. If this bill goes through, experts warn that coverage is likely to become unaffordable for many, with some health policy experts predicting premiums could be unlimited for the sick. They also point to the fact that the GOP is using vague language such as “adequate and affordable care” — which is subjective — in order to pass the bill. States would be able to waive benefits requiring insurance plans to cover mental health services and prescription drugs.

Cassidy and Graham claim the bill is designed to empower the states to make their own decisions regarding healthcare and to shift the control away from Washington D.C., however, opponents of the proposal say it will result in 20 million people losing healthcare coverage.

“This is going to work out well for everyone. There’s a science to it all — the science of improving the population through, in this particular case, subtly controlled breeding to increase the occurrence of desirable heritable characteristics,” said Cassidy.

The Graham-Cassidy eugenics program bill is estimated to reduce federal funding to states by $215 billion over the next decade. With little resistance in the Senate, it appears it is on its way to being implemented.


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