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Report: Stoner Uses Self As Test Subject for Possibility of Overdosing on Marijuana; Very High and Hungry But Still Alive

Selfless stoner tests the possibility of marijuana overdosing.

DENVER, CO — At 4:20 pm on April 20th, Chaz Dicky used himself as a test subject for the possibility of overdosing on marijuana. Mr. Dicky met, a self-described “marijuana advocate,” met up with a group of his closest friends to celebrate 420. While none were able to convince their bosses they had the right to “religious exemption” from work, they called into work sick, a move that could likely put their employment status in jeopardy. Chaz purchased a quarter pound of mids and commenced smoking it with his friends throughout the day. By evening, Mr. Dicky had a half ounce of his original purchase remaining, which he then proceeded to roll into four blunts. After his longtime friends left, he smoked the blunts by himself throughout the night. “I felt like I was flying,” said Mr. Dicky. “Literally high as a kite, man.” Chaz grew extremely hungry into the early morning hours, but decided to eat what was in his pantry instead of making a run for food. Chaz then proceeded to unwrap and devour a brownie edible. Mr. Dicky diligently reported to his friends the amount of marijuana he ingested, how high he grew as a result, and his insatiable appetite after the accidental study was complete. “Had it not been for the heroic efforts of one Mr. Chaz Dicky along with his selfless willingness to serve as a guinea pig, we could have lost countless lives by marijuana overdose,” said Dr. Curtis Judson, a specialist on the topic of preventable deaths. “In my field, knowledge is progress, and now these young kids can be more informed about their marijuanas and such. We are grateful Mr. Dicky survived his own experiments because we are now one step closer to understanding the upper limits of safe marijuana consumption and what the human body can truly tolerate.”

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