Report: Relatives Appalled By Family’s Well-intended Christmas Card

Mom fails at making Christmas card with "ho, ho, ho" themed card of her daughters.

Proud mother Jody Corker decided to feature her three beautiful daughters Brittany, Mekayla, and Kinsey on their family Christmas card. Mrs. Corker was horrified and completely baffled when her own mother replied that “slut-shaming the girls is cruel” when asked if she’d received their Christmas card.

Upset by what her mother said, Mrs. Corker confided in her husband Bob. Upon showing the card to him, her red-faced husband asked Mrs. Corker if she was joking or if she “actually sent that out.”

The portrait bearing the three sisters, shows them elegantly peering into the camera with the standard Santa expression “Ho, Ho, Ho!” captioning the image.

Mrs. Corker was just as appalled as her relatives, friends, and coworkers who received the cards after her husband explained the unfortunate gaffe. By the time Bob cued her in, all 50 cards had already been mailed out.

At press time, their creepy cousin Ned was heard muttering that he “knew it.”

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