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Report: Marijuana Use Linked to Being The Coolest Kid in School

The coolest kid in school smoking marijuana.

A new study by the Millennial Snowflake Research Center (MSRC) reports that marijuana use is linked to being the coolest kid in school. Marijuana users are viewed as more rebellious, devious and more willing to take risks, making them appear to be above the law, so to speak.

“The other kids see this behavior and it’s how they’d like to be. They then admire the dope-smoker because he or she does what they only dream of doing,” says MSRC Researcher Rich Gannon. “Often times, this individual will be known as ‘Cool’ Chad or ‘Cool’ Kyle. Literally becoming the very personification of cool.”

The Millennial Snowflake Research Center reports that marijuana users also tend to be trendsetters when it comes to music and style, furthering their cool persona.

“You’ll often hear the phrase ‘it tastes, sounds, feels, etcetera, etcetera — better when you’re high’ said aloud by this type of character. When they smoked a marijuana, they ooze confidence about their choices and tastes, so convincingly that others fall right in line,” says Gannon. “Before you know it, Cool Chad will have your sons and daughters convinced that Phish is actually good music.”

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