Report: Local Clown Troupe ‘Knot So Delirious’ Vows 2018 Will Be Their Year

Clown Troupe Not So Delirious Vows 2018 Will Be Their Year.

NAPERVILLE, ILLINOIS — Local clown troupe Knot So Delirious vows that 2018 will be their year. No one really knows exactly what that means, but members of the town report that the bunch is clowning around even more than usual.

“The newest IT remake really set people on edge. The clown community has had to fight through a lot of prejudices to be where we’re at today. Anytime we’re portrayed in a negative light, or people try to make fools out of us, it sets us back,” says Knot So Delirious leader Knotty Boy. “But we’re done clowning around. This year, we’re going to crush all the kids parties. Completely booked out. Everyone’s going to know our troupe.”

Knot So Delirious is also looking to expand into the paint parties industry in 2018.

“We’re gonna put a twist on them. That industry is worth millions. Well, we’re doing our own version, but for this, instead of sipping on wine and painting, we’ll have them sipping on wine while we teach them the tricks of clowning,” says Knotty Boy.

While much of the town remains suspicious of troupe, Knot So Delirious is optimistic that over the course of the next year, they’ll finally be embraced by the town and the mainstream media.

“There’s a lot of money in clowning, but our higher purpose here is to destigmatize the creepy clown stereotype,” says Knotty Boy. “We’re normal people like you. We just like to dress up, paint our faces, wear big shoes, travel in large numbers, and do cool rope tricks.”


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