Report: Light Up Sneakers Look Cool But Horribly Inconvenient When Running From the Police at Night

Criminal gets busted wearing light up sneakers.

ATLANTA — Recent studies suggest that despite the aesthetically pleasing appearance of light up sneakers, the payoff may not be worth it if you find yourself fleeing from law enforcement on foot in the dead of night. Though the sample size was relatively small, researchers found that of those, who police actively noted were fleeing in light up shoes on their police reports, 99% were chased down. However, this method is highly anecdotal. For a more scientific approach, the researchers ran hundreds of simulations. In these cops and robbers simulations, one group of criminals wore light up sneakers, while the other wore regular to flee from the police in a dark setting. The group wearing the regular sneakers outperformed the light up sneakers every single time without fail. Researchers speculate that the light up sneakers make the criminal noticeably more visible even in wooded settings and between houses. This in turn makes keeping track of the escaping criminal much easier for law enforcement, therefore, ultimately increasing the odds of their apprehension.

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