Report: Bitcoin Investors Discuss Plans to Lord Over Nocoiner Peasants

Bitcoin investors prepare plans to lord over stupid peasant nocoiners.

Even now, as bitcoin continues to trend upwardly, not everyone is buying into the cryptocurrency. Many are calling it a speculative bubble, likening it to the tulip mania that swept across Europe centuries ago. Others believe it’s a sort of ponzi scheme, insisting it has ‘nothing backing it’ and that it’s value is simply built on hype — all of which they view as an indication it’s bound to pop.

However, speculation aside, a single bitcoin is currently worth nearly $17,000 USD. Even more shocking is the fact that nearly 40 percent of bitcoin is owned by about a thousand individuals.

That’s exactly why the early bitcoin investors have began meeting privately to flesh out their plans to lord over nocoiner peasants.

“These fools thought bitcoin was a scam,” says Hadi Thakkar. “They’ve proved they were meant to be peasants all along. We, on the other hand, had the vision to be kings, and so we have been rewarded with great wealth.”

The investors believe so strongly that bitcoin and cryptocurrency is way of the future, that in time it will prove more stable than government-backed currency.

“Eventually, these nocoiners’ paper money will be rendered worthless and obsolete,” said Thakkar. “We’ll purchase their homes and allow them to remain, but they’ll have to work for us now. We’re gonna make them mine bitcoin for us.”

“Someday,” Thakkar said, “the rest of these peasants will be lighting their money on fire just to stay warm, while those of us, who were wise enough to buy in, will rule over them from helicopters purchased with our bitcoin. Fools,” he laughed.


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