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Report: 8/10 Americans More Certain They’ve Got A Wee Bit of Irish In ‘Em As St. Patty’s Day Approaches

8/10 Americans sure they have a wee bit of Irish in em as St. Patty's Day approaches.

In a recent questionnaire sent out by, 8/10 Americans surveyed claimed they have a wee bit of Irish in their ancestry. The amount that report Irish heritage increases 40% in the month of March, coinciding with St. Patrick’s Day. CEO Tim Sullivan attributes this to a bizarre form of cultural appropriation. This particular type of cultural association is a phenomenon in which people otherwise not associated with a certain ethnicity, suddenly claim heritage out of a desire to feel more connected to a particular holiday. This celebratory cultural appropriation is not exclusive to St. Patrick’s day. “I’ve even seen caucasian people become convinced that they have a tenth of African in their ancestry around Black History Month and Kwanzaa,” said Sullivan, “and everyone is sure they’ve got some Mexican ancestry around Cinco De Mayo, but the rest of the year, they’re certain every brown person is illegal.” Sullivan also notes that in the questionnaire, most Americans were unable to name Ireland’s capital or to correctly click on its location in Great Britain. “They just know that Conor McGregor is Irish and they do in fact, drink beer and eat corned beef and cabbage,” said Sullivan. “But they don’t all tap-dance and have red hair and guard a pot of gold.”

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