Report: 100% of Millennials Prefer Communism…Should We End Them?

Millennial snowflakes have fun.

According to a shocking new study by The Millennial Snowflake Research Center, 100% of millennials prefer communism over capitalism. For many, this will come as no surprise given the perception of millennials as being lazy, thus wanting the economic playing field to be leveled. However, the real questions is, should we end them? The Millennial Snowflake Research Center surveyed 200 baby boomers afterwards with the results from the millennial population. Of the boomers surveyed 90% said that we should indeed eliminate all millennials. The Millennial Snowflake Research Center asked that same group of boomers if their grandchildren were included in the millennials, would they still feel the same. The 90% remained unaffected by this new variable. “It seems they will defend capitalism to the death,” says MSRC researcher, “even if it means eliminating their own bloodline.”

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