Quiz (For Geniuses Only)

This quiz is for geniuses only.

Disclaimer: Don’t feel bad if you don’t pass this super tough quiz for geniuses. A very small percentage of people can be like Einstein. However, if you do pass, Mensa International will be reaching out to you shortly.

If you can answer all of the following questions in the comments section below, you likely have a photographic memory — one of the hallmarks of a genius. Studies show if you can remember all five answers and the extra credit question, then you will lead a longer, more satisfying life and will possess a healthy memory well into old age.

Good luck, you brainiac!


  1. What was your favorite pet’s name?


  1. What’s your mom’s maiden name?


  1. What was the first neighborhood you grew up in?


  1. What was the name of your elementary?


  1. What are the last 4 digits of your social security number?



Can you remember all 9 digits of your social security number?

Turns out, people who can remember all 9 digits are twice as smart as the average quiz-taker! Ever heard of 2Chainz? Well, look at you now 2-Brainz!

Remember, don’t forget to leave your answers in the comments section, so we can send you your genius trophy! Thanks!


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