Professor Hoping Star Wipe Transition will “Spice PowerPoint Up”

Dr. Robert McArthur, Professor of Economics at Georgia State University, is hoping his recent addition of a star wipe transition will really jazz up his Econ 101 PowerPoints.

Dr. McArthur remarked, “I don’t know, it seems like my lessons have been a little dry lately. I wanted something that would really wow the kids, so I scrolled through some of the transitions that PowerPoint offered. Some were a little to zany for my taste, though. Have you guys seen the dissolve one? It’s like they should have an epilepsy warning.”

Freshman Ellie Smith commented, “It does seem like Dr. McArthur’s lectures have been a little more entertaining. None of us really noticed when he made that switch from Times New Roman to Calibri, even though he talked about it a lot. As soon as I start to doze off, he switches slides and that star comes across the screen, and boy, I wake right back up.”

Dr. McArthur commented that he was thinking about showing a video during next Wednesday’s lecture.

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