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Pope Francis Edits Bible to Make Pronouns Gender Neutral

Pope Francis to edit Bible to make it more gender neutral.

In an effort to make the Holy Bible more “culturally current,” Pope Francis has taken it upon himself to edit it. He is eliminating all pronouns that refer to God as He, Him, His, or Father — anything that essentially assumes gender — and replacing them with Ze, Hir, or Ne and a plethora of other gender neutral pronouns. The Pope believes that in the modern era, the Bible should be adapted to the times. He says that this newer, less offensive version will appeal to millennials and Generation Z. “Eventually, I’d like to replace every gender pronoun — not just the ones that refer to God,” said Pope Francis. “But it is a massive undertaking, so it’ll be a while before I’m finished.” He added that mentions of king and queen will also be changed to ruler to further “gender neutralize” the Holy Bible. “God behaved very differently from the Old Testament to the New Testament, so if Ze could evolve, certainly The Word should, too,” he said.

His decision to do this has created enormous controversy within the ranks of the Catholic Church and among the outside world. The Bible has traditionally been treated by believers as a holy and perfect doctrine. Many see Pope Francis’ desire to change it as a slight against God and the doctrine itself.

What are your thoughts? Is the Pope taking it too far, or does he have the right to gender neutralize the Bible?

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