Polyamorous, Vegan Disappointed By Shortage of Poly-Veg Facebook Groups

Polyamorous vegan disappointed by shortage of poly-veg Facebook groups.

Polyamorous vegan Michael Fleming was reportedly extremely disappointed by the shortage of poly-veg Facebook groups. “There have to be more of us than this,” says Fleming. His search only led him to six results: Polyamorous Vegans and Vegetarians, Vegan Polyamory, Dizzy’s Perfectly Polyamorous Vegans, Open/poly vegan fun group, Poly Vegans of Australia, and Naughty Vegan Life, which describes itself as not necessarily poly, but deals with open sexuality. Of the limited online poly-veg communities, most state that personal non-monogamous beliefs are everyone’s own and that one form of non-monogamy is no better or worse than any other, but monogamy itself is not natural. “I’m also an atheist and like anime,” says Fleming. “I thought I might at least find some vegan atheist anime fan groups, but apparently that’s a no-go too. I was just really hoping to find other people who understand both the cruelty of slaughterhouses and how much happier life is after you’ve unchained yourself from the binds of toxic monogamy.” At press time, before Fleming went back to his empty apartment, he was reportedly sighted at Whole Foods explaining to a stranger why it is a human’s biological imperative to love as many people as possible.

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