Overconfident Home Schooler Taken Down A Peg In College

awkward homeschooler poses for picture.

ALPHARETTA, GA — Madeline Hollingsworth received a rude awakening during her first week at the University of Georgia. The freshman came to the state school brimming with sky-high confidence, buoyed by years of positive affirmation from her teachers, and her status as valedictorian of her home school. However, Hollingsworth was quickly forced to realign her expectations and reshape her self-image.

Hollingsworth had relished the idea of larger classes, and the opportunity for her peers to see how smart and talented she is.

“I had a 4.0 GPA in high school,” said Hollingsworth. “My mom was a pretty tough grader, too.”

The homeschooler’s expectations for the next stage of her life were a stark contrast to the cold realities of her first week of college. Her professors were not impressed with the thought-provoking questions she asked, or the fake glasses she wore to make herself “look even smarter.”

Hollingsworth rehearsed a number of conversation topics, but was disappointed to find that her classmates were not as keen on Christian rock bands Skillet, Red, or even Thousand Foot Krutch as she is. In addition to that, few of them had read I Kissed Dating Goodbye.

“The one cool thing here is that I don’t have to ask my mom’s permission to use the search engine, and YouTube isn’t blocked,” said Hollingsworth.

On the other hand, Hollingsworth has begun to believe that it is possible that her parents decision to limit her to only spending time with her siblings, may have hindered her social progress.

“I just want to everyone to be like, ‘oh, there’s that cool homeschooled girl,’” said Hollingsworth. “I’m thinking about getting into vaping, though. Just to assimilate. My mom told me about that technique like social camouflaging or being a chameleon.”


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