Outback Steakhouse Removes Kangaroo and Koala Steaks From Menu

Outback Steakhouse removes kangaroo and koala steaks from menu.

The beloved Australian-themed American casual dining chain recently made a major announcement to the delight of kangaroo and koala lovers. Outback Steakhouse is retiring its legendary kangaroo and koala steaks. As of January 1st, you will no longer be able to order the Australian wildlife items from its menu.

“The decision to remove koala and kangaroo meat from our menu was a hard one. We know that loads of our customers love those steaks,” says Outback Steakhouse founder Chris T. Sullivan. “But we’ve heard a growing number of voices express their belief that it’s wrong to endorse eating these animals, so that’s something we had to take into consideration.”

One of the main draws many enjoyed about the items was watching their hibachi-style preparation. However, PETA got involved in part because of the spectacle of butchering the animals in front of guests — a process that some were upset to witness.

Outback Steakhouse plans to provide the recipe for their kangaroo and koala steaks on their website to soften the blow.

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