Oh Sorry I Forgot to Respond! And 7 Other Signs She Could Care Less If You Were Dipped Head First into a Vat of Acid

She's just not that into you bro...she is not interested at all.

If she says she “forgot to respond,” it means she could care less if you were dipped head first into a vat of acid. It’s not that she necessarily wants you to die, per se. She’s just indifferent. However, there are plenty of other signs you are a meaningless speck of dust in the vortex of her existence.


1. One Word Answers

Translation: She. wants. you. to. Disappear.


2. Long texting wait times

Translation: She’s busy…ignoring you, bro. Quit the game.


3. Flakiness

Translation: She’s got better things to do. Save your time.


4. She ignores you

Translation: She wouldn’t blink if you were struck by a bus.


5. She never texts first

Translation: She’s not playing hard to get. She’s just hoping you literally never text her again. If she saw you drowning, she would watch.


6. Maybe, soon, and sometime

Translation: If you ask her if she can hang out and she says maybe, then she really means never.


7. She lies for absolutely no reason

Translation: “How was your weekend?”…”Just chilled around the house”…IG and Snapchat show her in the club…she seriously could care less what you think or know. Get out.



She’s just not that into you. Plain and simple. Save your time and heartache. Life is short. Be where you are wanted. Adopt a dog — it’s needs a home, and you need love. It’s a win for everybody. 


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