NRA: Founders Wrote 2nd Amendment to Prevent Liberals from Criticizing Government

FAIRFAX, VIRGINIA – In an explosive new video, NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch has argued that the Founding Fathers wrote the 2nd Amendment to prevent “unpatriotic, reactionary liberals” from criticizing the government.

“Ever notice how no one kneeled during the National Anthem during the time of our country’s founding? That’s because our Founding Fathers, in their infinite wisdom, wrote an Amendment that made it such that those sons of bitches could be shot by real, patriotic Americans,” Loesch explains during her fiery tirade.

In a recent interview, Loesch confirmed that the NRA’s viral video serves as a rebuke of those who criticize President Trump.

“We’ve forgotten what the 2nd Amendment was for: ensuring that patriotism is mandatory, and that our citizens keep bleeding the red, white, and blue. These disgusting attacks on President Trump by those Communists on the left really show how far away our country has fallen from its principles. John Wilkes Booth attacked President Lincoln’s body, but these people? They’re attacking our President’s spirit,” she claimed, before comparing Trump’s battle with the “Fake News Media” to Christ’s struggle against the Romans.

The video serves as a sharp departure from previous NRA rhetoric. The NRA and its members had previously claimed that the right to bear arms serves as a way of protecting citizens from a tyrannical government, rather than protecting the government from slander.

When asked about this change in rhetoric, Loesch became visibly uncomfortable.

“Well, obviously, things have changed since we made that initial statement. We now have a President that the average gun-owner doesn’t feel threatened by. Gun sales are in the toilet because responsible gun owners don’t have to worry about some socialist Muslim taking their guns away. That’s why we made these videos, because people need to arm themselves against socialism once more.”

When asked if her divisive rhetoric could lead to violence against liberals and the left, Loesch seemed rather unfazed.

“The NRA will be happy to pay the legal fees of anyone who upholds our message and does what needs to be done in the name of the 2nd Amendment and President Trump,” she said.


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