Now’s Not the Time to Talk About Gun Control Says Senator Who’s Been Paid Off by the NRA

Roy Blunt has blood on his hands and he has sold his soul to the devil for getting in bed with the NRA.

In the aftermath of the Las Vegas mass shooting that left at least 59 dead and around 500 wounded, Sen. Roy Blunt (R – Missouri) who was paid at least $11,000 dollars that we know of by the National Rifle Association last year, says now’s not the time to talk about gun control.

Curiously, Blunt voted to repeal measures Obama put in place to prevent the mentally ill from purchasing firearms and required stricter background checks. Blunt also voted to prohibit lawsuits against gun manufacturers and dealers if the guns they sell or manufacture are later used in a crime. Coincidentally, the NRA gave the Republican senator an “A” rating.

To be fair, Blunt is sending his thoughts and prayers to the victims and their families. So the good news is that he supports them in spirit, if not legislation. Of course, he is not alone. Almost fifty Republican senators, who voted to prohibit lawsuits against gun manufacturers and against expanding background checks and subsequently, received money from the NRA, are also sending their thoughts and prayers. Hopefully, with their collective thoughts and prayers the victims of the latest mass shooting will feel all that amazing moral support.

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