New Study Finds That “Let’s See Who Reads My Wall” FB Statuses Make You Look Like a Narcissistic Dipshit

Narcissist stares in the mirror.

A new study found that those “let’s see who reads my wall” statuses make you look like a narcissistic dipshit. We all have a desire to be known and seen. It’s human nature to want attention, but according to at least one study, these statuses are just too much. Posts of this nature imply that of the thousands of status updates, your Facebook friends should somehow be tuned into your life and specifically give a shit about what you’re doing, thinking, and feeling. It also implies that if they are not checking in on your cyber activities hour by hour, it demeans their worth as a friend or they care about you less. None of this is the case. You’re just the exact reason why Facebook gave people the ability to block other users posts from appearing in their feed.

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