New iOS Update Eliminates Voicemail Feature Because Millennials Don’t Leave Any

Apple releases iOS update eliminating voicemail because millennials don't leave any.

Apple will issue an iOS update that will eliminate the voicemail feature from the iPhone, citing the fact that millennials do not use voicemail as the reason behind this decision.

“We hear it all the time — the parents of millennials tell us their kids never listen to voicemails or leave a voicemail when they call,” says Apple CEO Tim Cook, “which is why we’re doing away with it entirely. You see, Gen-Y is enormously influential. They’ll hold huge economic purchasing power very soon. In fact, they already do, so as a company we must cater to them.”

2017 was a controversial year for Apple that saw customers bring forward a class-action lawsuit against the company for intentionally releasing software updates that damaged the iPhone batteries in an attempt to force them to purchase newer models.

Apple has already ignited additional controversy in the new year with the most recent iOS update.

“Why can’t they just let it be? Ever since Steve Jobs died they’ve been trying so hard to remain cutting edge, but they keep making the wrong decisions and forcing pointless innovations,” said longtime Apple customer Carol Fitzgerald. “How am I going to leave my children voicemails for them to ignore? Furthermore, how are they going to have the option to leave me voicemails? Not that they ever do, but you know, just in case.”

At press time, Apple was reportedly not considering improving iPhone battery life. However, the multinational technology company is working to create its own cryptocurrency iCoin.


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